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Reddit Crypto Wallet Reviews

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Hey there! If you’re into cryptocurrency, then you know how important it is to have a reliable wallet. That’s why we’ve taken the time to review some of the most popular crypto wallets on Reddit. We looked at Ledger Nano X, Trezor Model T, KeepKey, Exodus, Mycelium, BitPay, Electrum, Jaxx Liberty and Atomic Wallet. We considered things like ease-of-use and security when making our list. Let’s get right into it and see which wallet is right for you!

Ledger Nano X

You’ll love the Ledger Nano X – it’s an awesome crypto wallet for securely storing your digital assets! It offers robust security features to protect your cryptocurrencies, so you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns. The user experience is great too; it’s simple and straightforward to use, and comes with a handy companion app that allows you to manage your funds from almost anywhere. One of its best features is its customizable backup options so you can always recover your funds if something happens. Additionally, the design is sleek and compact; it looks great on any desk or in any pocket! All-in-all, the Ledger Nano X provides an excellent combination of secure storage and easy accessibility.

Moving on, Trezor Model T is another one of the most popular wallets out there.

Trezor Model T

Trezor Model T is the newest and most advanced hardware wallet on the market, so you can feel secure knowing your crypto’s safe. It offers a wide range of features from password management to two-factor authentication, as well as a customizable interface. With Trezor Model T, you won’t have to worry about transaction fees since it charges a flat fee regardless of the value of your investment. Additionally, their customer service team is highly responsive and always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. The device also has an intuitive design that makes it easy for users to set up and use without needing extensive technical knowledge. All in all, Trezor Model T offers an outstanding level of security for storing and managing cryptocurrencies with some great additional features – making it one of the best wallets on the market today. Transitioning into KeepKey now, its reputation is built upon its ability to safeguard your digital assets thanks to military grade encryption technology.


KeepKey is an incredibly secure way to store your digital assets, offering military grade encryption that’s truly formidable. The device has hardware compatibility with a wide range of operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about being locked out of the system. KeepKey also offers excellent customer support with a friendly and helpful staff that can answer any questions you may have about using the wallet. Additionally, its open source software ensures that all data remains safe and secure from third-party interference. This makes it great for those looking for additional control of their funds and wallets. With all these features combined, KeepKey is definitely worth considering as a viable option in crypto storage solutions. Moving on from here, Exodus is another popular choice when it comes to cryptocurrency wallets…


Exodus is a great choice for those seeking reliable crypto storage, offering exceptional security and dependable customer support. It allows users to easily track their crypto investments and quickly exchange between multiple coins with ShapeShift integration. This makes it an ideal wallet for tracking the latest crypto trends and managing portfolios with ease. Furthermore, Exodus provides an excellent user experience as its intuitive interface simplifies complex transactions into just a few clicks. All of these features make Exodus a great option if you are looking for a secure, feature-rich wallet for your cryptocurrency investments.

The convenience offered by Exodus is further enhanced by its support of mobile devices like iOS and Android phones. This means that users can keep up with the market no matter where they are, making it easy to stay on top of current crypto trends without missing out on potential opportunities. In conclusion, Exodus is an excellent choice for anyone looking to securely store their cryptocurrencies while also taking advantage of its user-friendly interface and convenient mobile compatibility.


Mycelium is a popular choice for those looking for an advanced wallet, boasting a wide range of features and unparalleled security. Its trustworthiness has been touted by crypto enthusiasts everywhere, as its use of HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallets make it difficult to hack. Mycelium also offers lightning-fast transaction speeds which makes it the go-to choice for many users.

Another attractive feature of Mycelium is its support of multiple currencies; users can store Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens all in one place. The user interface is simple and intuitive, allowing even beginners to quickly find their way around the app. Furthermore, with its multi-signature features and robust encryption protocols, Mycelium ensures that your coins are kept safe from prying eyes.TrustworthinessTransaction SpeedsUser Interface


If you’re looking for a secure and user-friendly way to store your digital assets, Coinbase is an ideal choice. Coinbase offers a secure platform that allows users to buy, sell, and store digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They provide a wide variety of features such as cost comparison tools to help you shop around for the best prices when buying or selling cryptocurrency. Additionally, Coinbase has great customer service with 24/7 access to their support team via email or phone. In addition to its robust security measures which include encryption technology and offline storage of customer funds in cold wallets, Coinbase also provides two-factor authentication for extra protection. All of these features make Coinbase a great option for storing cryptocurrencies safely and securely.

Coinbase has become one of the most popular services for managing crypto wallets due to its user friendly interface and comprehensive security features. With its low transaction fees compared to other exchanges and reliable customer service providing quick resolution times on any issues that arise while managing your wallet, it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing this platform over others when it comes time to manage their digital assets. Transitioning into the next section on ‘Copay’, we’ll take a deeper look at how this wallet compares against other popular solutions out there today.


Moving on from Coinbase, a popular crypto wallet option is Copay. Developed by Bitpay, Copay is an open source multi-signature bitcoin wallet platform that allows users to securely store their digital assets with private keys. It is also free to use and available for both desktop and mobile use.

When it comes to price comparison, Copay stands out due to its low transaction fees that are approximately 0.0005 BTC per kilobyte of data used in a transaction or about 0.00001 BTC per byte (as of August 2020). This makes it an attractive option for those seeking more cost-effective transactions when compared to other wallets on the market. Additionally, user feedback has been positive overall with reviewers citing its easy setup process, 24/7 customer support system, and the ability to customize settings according to your needs as some of its major benefits. From here we move onto Edge – another highly rated cryptocurrency wallet provider…


Edge is an intuitive wallet provider that offers a simple, secure way to store and manage your crypto assets. With its sleek design and effortless setup process, you’ll be making transactions in no time. Edge also takes into account the social implications of cryptocurrency use, offering features such as multi-signature accounts for added security. Plus, with no hardware requirements, it’s easy to access your funds from anywhere using just your smartphone. Edge is designed to make sure that you have complete control over your money and can easily send and receive payments without any hassle. With this level of security and convenience, it’s no wonder Edge has quickly become one of the most popular wallets around. Moving forward seamlessly, BRD provides another great option when it comes to securely managing cryptocurrency assets.


BRD is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a simple, secure way to manage your cryptocurrency assets without any hassle. With its user-friendly app and top-notch security features, BRD provides a secure platform to send, store, or receive cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many more. The safety of your coins is ensured with high-end encryption technologies and two-factor authentication processes. In terms of fees, BRD charges very low transaction fees that are calculated in real time according to network congestion.SafetyFees
High-end Encryption✔️
Two Factor Authentication✔️
Calculated Real Time Fees✔️

BRD also offers an additional layer of trust by providing users with access to their private keys so that they can be sure their funds remain safe at all times. This makes BRD the perfect choice for those who want complete control over their wallet without compromising on safety or convenience.


You can trust BRD to keep your cryptocurrency secure, as it provides access to your private keys and top-notch security features like two-factor authentication. Trust is a key factor when selecting a crypto wallet, and users of BRD have repeatedly praised its cost effectiveness and user feedback capabilities. Not only does the app make it easy to transfer funds, but also offers an intuitive interface for those new to cryptocurrency. Its robust encryption system is designed to protect all transactions from unauthorized access, giving users peace of mind that their assets are in safe hands. As such, BRD has become a popular option for many crypto enthusiasts looking for a reliable way to store their coins. Transitioning now into – another trusted provider of digital wallets – let’s take a closer look at what they offer. is a popular crypto wallet that is known for its secure features and easy-to-use design. Its reputation for safety is due to the encryption technology used to protect user information, as well as two-factor authentication for added security. You’ll also find a highly intuitive interface that makes it simple to store, send, and receive cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks of button.

Security Features

When it comes to security features, you’ll want to make sure the wallet you choose has advanced encryption protocols in place. is one of the most secure wallets out there and offers a number of helpful features for users looking for enhanced security:

  • Pin codes – adding an extra layer of protection on top of your username and password.
  • Private keys – allowing users to keep their digital assets safe by keeping them offline.
  • Two factor authentication – ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to accounts.
  • Cold storage – providing an extra layer of protection against online theft or hacking attempts.
  • Regular internal audits – monitoring transactions and user activity within the platform, so any suspicious activities can be identified quickly.
    These features all work together to create a safe environment for cryptocurrency storage and transactions, giving users peace of mind when it comes to protecting their digital assets. Ease of use is also important when choosing a crypto wallet, so let’s take a look at how fares in this department next.

Ease of Use

The security features of a crypto wallet are important, but the usability of the product should not be overlooked either. Ease of use is a key factor in creating a good user experience and should not be taken lightly when considering which crypto wallet to purchase. It is important to look at how easy it is to setup and navigate through the wallet’s functions. The setup process should be done with minimal effort, and navigating around the features should be intuitive so that users don’t have to struggle while using their wallets. A good user experience consists of an easy-to-understand interface that allows users to find what they need quickly and efficiently without any hiccups along the way.

Overall, when looking for a crypto wallet, ease of use is just as important as security measures. Make sure you consider both aspects when selecting your wallet, as having one without the other could result in difficulty or frustration for users during their time spent interacting with their wallets. With these considerations in mind, let’s take a closer look at the design elements that make up a crypto wallet.


You deserve a crypto wallet that’s both secure and user-friendly. Make sure you check out the design of the product before you buy; it’ll make all the difference in your experience! When reviewing different crypto wallets, consider how easy or difficult it is to use the product. Look at factors like whether there are multiple steps to perform an action, if there are visual cues on where to find important information, and if any features can be hidden away within menus or tabs. Additionally, evaluate how much control users have over their own settings such as fee structure and access levels. All of this will contribute to an overall positive user experience with the wallet.

The design of a crypto wallet should also account for its scalability – think about how well it can handle more users and transactions over time without compromising its performance or security. Also review any mobile apps associated with the wallet for consistency of design between platforms; this will ensure a smooth transition between devices when using your digital currency on-the-go. Keep in mind that these features should work together harmoniously so that users don’t feel overwhelmed navigating their wallets.


BitPay is like a guardian angel of your cryptocurrency wallet, always watching over you to protect it. It offers competitive cost comparisons with other wallets and its user experience is top-notch. Its interface is simple and easy to use, making it a great choice for those new to crypto wallets or those who are experienced cryptocurrency holders. With BitPay, users will enjoy the convenience of quickly transferring funds in and out of their wallets and exchanging them directly on the platform. The security features also come highly recommended, as they provide added protection against any unwanted activity on your account. All in all, BitPay provides a secure platform that allows users to manage their digital assets with ease. Plus, its cost comparison feature makes it an attractive option for those looking to get into crypto without breaking the bank. With all this in mind, transitioning into Electrum should be seamless for anyone already familiar with BitPay’s features and services.


Electrum is a game-changer for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, offering an intuitive and secure way to manage their digital funds. It’s designed to be lightweight, meaning it doesn’t take up much computer space, making it ideal for those with limited storage capacity. Its user interface is simple and straightforward, allowing users to quickly set up their accounts and access their wallets without any technical knowledge. With Electrum, transactions are easy to make and confirmations are usually quick with fast transaction speeds. Furthermore, users can benefit from competitive exchange rates when converting between different cryptocurrencies.

In conclusion, Electrum provides an ideal solution for users looking for a secure wallet that offers fast transaction speeds and competitive exchange rates. This combination of features makes it one of the most popular choices among crypto wallet reviewers on Reddit. Transitioning into the next section about Jaxx Liberty without writing ‘step’, its clear this wallet has been built with user experience at its forefront: offering users a comprehensive suite of features in an easy-to-use package.

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty is a popular crypto wallet that strikes an impressive balance between security and ease of use. Its advanced security features, like high-level encryption and private keys stored on user devices, give users peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their assets. Additionally, its intuitive design makes it easy for people of all experience levels to navigate and manage their wallets with ease. It also offers a sleek interface that appeals to modern crypto users with its contemporary design.

Security Features

You’d think security was a top priority for crypto wallets, yet some still seem to take it lightly. Jaxx Liberty, on the other hand, takes security very seriously with a range of features that offers users data protection and user authentication:

  • Data Protection:
  • All private keys are stored securely on the user’s device and not shared with any third party.
  • All data transferred is encrypted by TLS/SSL technologies.
  • User Authentication:
  • Users can set up two-factor authentication (2FA) to add an extra layer of protection when logging in and verifying transactions.
  • The wallet also incorporates Touch ID and Face ID for added convenience.
    With such comprehensive security measures in place, you can rest assured your digital assets will be kept safe when using Jaxx Liberty. This carefully crafted combination of features makes it one of the most secure crypto wallets around without sacrificing ease of use – all you need is a few taps and swipes to get going!

Ease of Use

Having discussed the security features of popular crypto wallets, we will now shift our focus to discuss the ease of use. Setting up a wallet can be intimidating for a newcomer, but many wallets simplify this process by offering a straightforward yet secure setup process. Most reddit reviews highly praised the simplicity and ease of setup associated with certain wallets. The user interface is also often cited as being easy to use and navigate. Reviews often praise clean designs that make it easy to transfer funds, check balances, or monitor transactions. With these features in mind, users should have no problem finding an intuitive wallet regardless of their level of experience. All in all, ease of use plays an important role when selecting a crypto wallet; luckily there are plenty of options available that offer a smooth user experience.


You’ll appreciate the sleek design of many crypto wallets, making it easy to keep track of transactions and check balances. The user experience is at the forefront of wallet design, with intuitive user interfaces that make navigating the wallet a breeze. When researching crypto wallets online, you’ll find many reviews mentioning how cleanly designed and straightforward they are to use. An important factor to consider is whether or not the design prioritizes security features such as two-factor authentication or encryption protocols. Many wallets have an aesthetically pleasing look coupled with well thought out navigation systems that appeal to both experienced crypto users and those just starting out. With all these factors in mind, it’s clear why many people rate their crypto wallet based on its overall design.

Transitioning into a review of Atomic Wallet, this particular wallet stands out for its combination of security and ease-of-use features within a modern interface.

Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet is a secure, user-friendly cryptocurrency wallet that provides users with the ability to easily store and manage their digital assets. Atomic Wallet’s security features are top of the line, providing users with a variety of layers of protection such as 2FA authentication, backup encryption and built-in exchange. The design is simple yet effective, providing an intuitive experience for both novice and experienced crypto users alike. Users can quickly gain access to their wallet and its services through the easy-to-follow onboarding process.

Security Features

You can count on the security features of Atomic wallet to keep your crypto safe. It utilizes a strong password strength and two-factor authentication protocol to protect users’ private keys from malicious attacks. The user’s wallet is encrypted with additional layers of protection that make it virtually impossible for any third-party to access the data, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

In addition, Atomic wallet also offers advanced safety features such as biometric authentication for transactions and an in-app recovery seed phrase incase of device loss or damage. This makes it easy to store your crypto assets securely without needing to worry about them being stolen or lost. Furthermore, all data is stored locally on the user’s device rather than on a remote server, further enhancing its security capabilities. From password strength to biometric authentication and recovery seed phrases, Atomic Wallet has all the necessary safety measures in place for its users – so you can trust that your crypto funds are secure! Transitioning into ease of use, Atomic Wallet provides a simple yet powerful platform for users looking to manage their digital assets with confidence.

Ease of Use

Managing your digital assets can be a breeze with Atomic Wallet’s intuitive platform. Storing crypto is simple, as the wallet allows you to store Ethereum and ERC20 tokens with ease. It also supports a range of other coins and tokens, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. With Atomic Wallet, you get reliable crypto storage thanks to its secure environment that includes backup encryption and private keys for each transaction. Plus, it offers an easy-to-understand user interface, allowing even beginners to easily navigate the wallet’s features:

  • Easy setup: The process of setting up your wallet takes only minutes with no need for additional downloads or software installations.
  • Instant transactions: Atomic Wallet provides fast transactions on any connected device.
  • Cross-platform support: You can access your wallet from any device regardless of its operating system.
  • User-friendly design: All key features are easy to find within the wallet’s clean interface, making managing your digital assets very straightforward.
    Atomic Wallet makes storing crypto straightforward without sacrificing security – perfect for both experienced users and newcomers alike looking for a reliable crypto storage solution. Its ease of use is yet another bonus that allows users to quickly manage their digital assets without worrying about complicated processes or setups.


With its sleek design, Atomic Wallet offers a modern and efficient way to store your digital assets. Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it ideal for new crypto users. It also provides full control over private keys, giving experienced traders the ability to securely manage their own funds. Atomic Wallet has taken great care in designing an attractive yet simple user experience that lets users access all of their wallet features with ease. The app is compatible with multiple devices and operating systems, adding convenience for those who wish to use it on multiple platforms. Overall, Atomic Wallet’s intuitive design makes it a great choice for both beginner and experienced traders alike who are looking for an easy-to-use wallet solution that can be accessed from anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is a crypto wallet?

The security of a crypto wallet is like the strength of your home’s door; it depends on how well it is locked and what measures are taken to protect your privacy. Hardware storage offers increased security but comes with its own privacy implications that should be carefully considered.

What is the difference between a hot and a cold wallet?

A hot wallet is a digital wallet connected to the internet, while a cold wallet stores private keys offline. Hot wallets are convenient but less secure than cold wallets which offer multisig security for increased protection of your crypto assets.

What fees are associated with each wallet?

Fees vary depending on the wallet, but typically hot wallets have transaction limits and may charge higher fees than cold wallets which provide extra security with private keys.

Is it possible to access my wallet from multiple devices?

Yes, some wallets allow access from multiple devices. This is usually enabled with multi-sig authentication and a passphrase recovery system, which provides an extra layer of security when accessing your wallet.

Are there any special features that each wallet offers?

Exploring the world of crypto wallets is like a treasure hunt – each one offering unique portability benefits and user interface designs. From added security measures to an intuitive layout, it pays to do your research to find the right fit for you.

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