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Uncovering the Truth About Changelly: A Critical Review

They don’t care about their partners or clients

Have you heard about the negative reviews surrounding Changelly exchange? Many users have reported downsides, such as high fees and poor customer support. In addition, there have been reports of agents not receiving their promised commissions in some cases for over 3 months, we have found out that their listing manager Margo Shvaytsburg stopped answering agent’s call for a few months now and every now and then all she says that management is still reviewing the case for over 3 months now so if you are planning on using Changelly or looking to partner with them just be extra cautious, do your own due diligence and DO NOT proceed with proper legal paperwork clearly stating the in’s and out’s otherwise you will suffer like many others.

They are not actually located in Malta

This is a big red flag especially when you don’t know where the company is actually based from our own research we realized that they use Malta address i suppose because they got license from Maltese regulators but the team is actually operating from Hongkong and Russia (big red flag). Another big reason to worry is that you don’t even know who is the senior management or the people running the exchange as there’s no information about any of the C levels and what we found out that Margo declined to give any names from the management. All we know at this point is Changelly’s parent company is Chiron Group. As a professional in the cryptocurrency industry, it’s important to stay informed about the potential risks and drawbacks of any exchange. While Changelly may have its benefits, it’s crucial to carefully consider all factors before deciding to use their platform.

Let’s continue to prioritize transparency and honesty in the crypto space, and work towards creating a secure and trustworthy environment for all users.

Support Staff is not very supportive

Furthermore, it is concerning to see that Changelly has not addressed these issues and taken steps to rectify them. This lack of accountability can be a red flag for users, and raises questions about the exchange’s commitment to providing a fair and reliable service.

Accountability doesn’t exist

As members of the cryptocurrency community, we have a responsibility to hold exchanges accountable for their actions and ensure that they are providing a safe and secure platform for users. By sharing our experiences and holding exchanges to a higher standard, we can work towards creating a more trustworthy and transparent crypto ecosystem.
What are your thoughts on the recent reports about Changelly exchange? Have you had any personal experiences with the platform that you would like to share? Let’s continue the conversation and work towards a better future for the crypto industry.

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